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Entrevista a Cassandra Clare por The Zoë-Trope

En una de las visitas de Cassie por Inglaterra, dio esta entrevista a Zolah, la dueña del blog The Zoë-Trope, donde habla del más reciente libro en la Saga «Los Instrumentos Mortales». 


Continúa leyendo después del salto.
(Nota: esta entrevista fue transcrita desde una grabación en dictaphone)

Zolah: Bueno, te estoy grabando, así que no digas nada demasiado...

Cassandra Clare: ¿Picante?

Z: Exacto

*Risita ahogada, probablemente de mí*

Z: Así que... aquí está la primera pregunta. Ahora que Jace ya no está poseído (por Sebastian), ¿qué momento en particular le gustaría a Clary revisitar de su viaje por Europa?

CC: Creo que si Clary pudiera regresar en el tiempo y hacer su tour relámpago* de Europa de nuevo con un Jace-no-poseído, a ella probablemente le gustaría repetir su cita en Venecia. Porque de hecho fue un poco romántica. Ya sabes -salieron a cenar, caminaron al lado de los canales... aunque es cierto que Jace robó un bote. Pero probablemete un Jace-no-poseído también habría robado el bote, esa parte no estaba realmente fuera de su personalidad. Fue una de las primeras cosas que hicieron y lo escribí  para mostrar su lucha por tener una especie de buen rato y sin embargo, también que sienta la desconexión: dándose cuenta de que este es Jace, pero al mismo tiempo no es él, no es el Jace que ella conoce. Ser capáz de hacer todo eso de nuevo con el Jace verdadero es algo que ella en definitiva disfrutaría.

Z: Desde que Jace ahora está infundido con fuego infernal, ¿podría Clary crear una runa "a prueba de fuego" para protegerse a ella misma?

CC: Hablando ténicamente Clary podría crear cualquier runa! Lo que dice en Ciudad de Vidrio es que está limitada por las runas que le vienen a ella. Podría sentarse y pensar que quiere tal-y-tal runa y quizás se le aparezcan, p quizás no. Esa es la razón por la que no puede crear una runa para "Salvar-El-Mundo" o una de "Volar-A-Todos-Los-Malvados". Dependería de si una runa "A-Prueba-De-Fuego" viniera a su mente o si no lo hiciera. Ella en realidad no puede confiar en las runas para salvarla en cualquier situación.

Z: Cuando Jace estaba poseído, parecía que dejó de preocuparse de su familia. ¿Por qué sigue sintiendo algo tan fuertemente sobre Clary? ¿Es porque Jonathan también lo siente, o porque Clary es especial?

CC: Creo que cuando Jace es poseído no se preocupaba por su familia de la misma forma. 

CC: I think that when Jace is possessed he doesn’t care about his family in the same way. He doesn’t care about them empathically in the sense that he isn’t concerned about their feelings of loss or grief or worry about him. It’s not the same as him not caring about them at all. If Alec or Isabelle were there, I’m sure possessed!Jace would be happy to see them and spend time with them, in the same way that he still seems to love Clary. But if you look at the reactions of possessed!Jace actually he’s not that interested or empathic about Clary’s feelings. He feels a desire for her and feels that she’s necessary to him, he feels that he loves her, but he doesn’t feel the way that you ideally feel about someone you love; that their happiness is more important than yours. Clearly he’s not capable of feeling that, whereas un-possessed Jace does feel that way. 

Z: Like when *spoiler spoiler* and Clary’s covered in bruises and *spoiler spoiler* and Jace just says ‘Oh, I hope you worked it out’. Normally you’d expect Jace to want to slice someone’s head off in that situation! 

CC: Yes, exactly. Jace would be asking ‘What happened to you? Who did this to you?’, he’d be freaking out. He’d say ‘I hope you punched their face in’. But here Clary comes up to Jace, covered in bruises and upset and he knows *spoiler spoiler* but he’s just not reacting empathically. He’s only concerned about her in so far as she feels necessary to him. 

Z: Basically he’s reacting like Jonathan. 

CC: It’s like Jonathan has taken the top level of Jace’s emotion’s away, the section of emotions that makes us our better selves. Isabelle says in City of Glass something along the lines of: There are some people who see others as just players on a stage. I believe that’s what Jonathan does. He just sees people as players on his stage. They don’t have their own reality, their own importance. They only matter in so far as they’re important to you. They matter only in so far as they fulfil your desires or thwart them. That’s what Jonathan/Sebastian does to Jace. He puts him in that state. 

*At this point there’s some muffled excitement from me as I express how much I love this answer. Then I pull myself together and move on* 

Z: Since Jace is now full of angel’s blood AND Heavenly Fire will he now change even more compared to other Shadowhunters? Is he more weapon than human? 

CC: That makes me think of Darth Vader. You’re more machine than man!

*Muffled giggling noises, probably from both of us this time* 

CC: No, Jace is still really human! And I think that actually the experiences that he’s been through in City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls have peeled him open a little bit and made him a bit more open to humanity. He kind of needed to go through that. He had a lot of concerns – he’s always had a lot of concerns – about who he really was. Was he really a good person? And I think this is pretty incontrovertible proof for him that yes, he is, because he now knows what it is like to live as a not-good person, and that’s not who he is. So I think that while the Heavenly Fire is going to change him physically it’s not going to change him emotionally and spiritually. 

Z: But it is going to change him physically? 

CC: Well, he has this thing that’s potentially a dangerous weapon that resides inside him. Think about it as a bomb that can only go off once. 

*Impressed sounds from me* 

Z: Have the series and characters turned out as you expected them to – or has anything developed along the way that surprised you? 

CC: Definitely some things have surprised me, mostly in terms of characters that I never expected to come to the forefront as much as they have. Magnus for example - he wasn’t originally designed to be that important of a character. I always knew that he was going to date Alec, or at least be instrumental in Alec’s coming out, but their relationship kind of evolved organically and he’s taken on a bigger role. Simon certainly has a much bigger role than I originally envisioned! 

Z: So not changes in your plot then? 

CC: There really have been no changes to plot, nothing’s happened to the story that astonished me. Everything that was supposed to happen in the first three books did, and then for the second series I always knew that Sebastian would be the villain, that he would come back. He’s an interesting character to write about. So I would say that basically the place you start out stays the same and the place you finish stays the same, but the way you move between them can change. 

Z: That’s exactly how I think about it! This is really fun! 

CC: *Laughs* 

Z: *Suddenly remembers she’s supposed to be interviewing* Ahem. Are you worried about depicting the deepening intimacy in Jace and Clary’s relationship? Not just because it’s so important to the fans, but also because some authors have experienced backlash on this issue? 

CC: Are you asking me if I’m worried about Jace and Clary having sex? 

Z: Um…Yes? 

CC: *More laughter* 

Z: Well, they got quite close, didn’t they? 

CC: They did get close! I’m not worried about depicting this so long as I feel they’re in the right place for it. I would like to present it as a positive thing. I’m interested in representing sex positivity in YA novels and I believe in depicting safe sex as a responsible decision between two responsible people, which is why I there are many mentions in the books of things like birth control and condoms. People [within the books] have straightforward conversations about it. They talk about ‘When are we going to have sex, where are we going to have sex, what does it mean if we have sex?’ I think all of that is important if you’re going to write about characters who will be having sex. Given that all of that stuff is in there, I don’t think anyone will be too astonished if Jace and Clary do have sex. 

Z: When did Jace and Clary officially become boyfriend and girlfriend? Did one of them ask, or was it just assumed? I think it was just assumed! 

CC: I think ever since the party in City of Glass, they’ve both assumed they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t think there was ever a discussion about it. It was just ‘on’. 

Z: Was Jace and Clary’s relationship inspired by any characters in classic literature? Like Lucie and Sydney in A Tale of Two Cities? 

CC: Sydney and Lucie applies more to the couples in the Infernal Devices. The whole story is like a very loose, not-faithful retelling of what happens inA Tale of Two Cities. There are definitely aspects of famous fictional couples that have influenced things about Jace and Clary, things that I loved that informed the development of their relationship. Like Pride and Prejudice, and the sort of prickly early dealings when the guy is really annoying until he comes around and proves himself to be a better man than you initially thought he could be. That’s one of those great tropes that I think we all love. Jace is initially really prickly but eventually turns out to be, at heart, basically a really good person. I think having Clary be the one who recognizes that and helps bring it out of him is one of those things that I find very satisfying. So I’d probably say yes, Pride and Prejudice.

And at that point, our time was up!

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~Traducción por Nephilim Circle, si tomas la info señala la fuente (:

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